Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey | Week 4

Contemporary Kiwis
Day 5 - Looking into the future (2000 - Present)

Activity 1 | Your future self

It may be hard to imagine, but one day you will graduate from high school and it will be time to decide what to do next. You may want to study at university, become an apprentice, go to training college, travel, or start working. There are so many options!

Take a minute to think about your future. What would you like to do when you finish school? Would you like to work in a specific job? Would you like to study at university? What would you study? Maybe you’d even like to move overseas. Share your thoughts and ideas on your blog site. There are no wrong answers!

The Future

When I finish school, I want to study at university but also have a part-time job. While at university I want to study History along with Criminology, Geography and Pacific Studies. I think all of these will be very beneficial for me in the future (except for criminology).
I also think working in the cinemas or working at a retail store would be a great first job.

Activity 2 | Flying Cars

Let’s imagine that you’ve just learned to drive, and your family has decided to buy you a brand new car. You are allowed to choose from any of the following designs:

Red-Cadillac-750x443.jpghummer.pngflying car (2).jpg

My First Car

I think the black car would be the best choice. Why? Well, we haven't actually allowed flying cars to roam our streets yet and inside would be very confusing because of all the buttons and switches, you'll never know what'll happen inside there. Also, the red car is so low, it's kind of uncomfortable, plus I don't really like the style. I think the black car ticks all my boxes and I would be very happy to have it.


  1. Kia ora Mei,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced “Emily”) and I work alongside Billy at the Summer Learning Journey!

    Activity 1: I really like the sound of your aspirations for the future! You sound like a very bright and hard working student. I bet if you put your mind it it, you could do it! I study primary teaching at the university and during the year I might be working some evenings (part-time) as a waitress. It's a great way to be able to learn and earn a bit of money too. What kind of full-time job would you want to have at the end of your studies at university?

    Activity 2: That is very true. I can imagine the flying car being quite confusing to control! I wonder if we will ever get flying cars one day? What year do you think it would be when flying cars become invented? I'm going to guess the year 2100! What do you think?

    It's awesome to see how actively you have been blogging this summer. I know the Summer Learning Journey team have enjoyed reading and commenting on your blog. Just a reminder that you can earn bonus points by commenting on other children's Summer Learning Journey blog posts. I'm sure they would appreciate your thoughtful and helpful comments.

    Noho ora mai,

    Emiely :)

  2. G'day Mei!

    Just like Emiely, I too think that your aspirations for the future are great! You really know your stuff and at this rate you will get through the later years in a breeze :>

    Reading your input on which car you've chosen, I like how you've taken a realistic approach to it ;> we can't be too sure what the future beholds (not just in cars but in life, too), so it's good just to take what's in the here and now and hope for the best.

    Speaking of hoping for the best, good luck in the results that will come soon! And best of luck to you for school restarting next week!


  3. Hi Mei its me Lusia, I am currently at college right now,
    but I would like to wish you good luck for this year! College is soo Fun & different! I wish I could see you guys again!
    I hope you had an outstanding holiday! <3 xx