Friday, 15 April 2016

reading Activate



It was a hot day. Then Josaia asked his mum if we could go to the beach but my aunt and uncle had to go to work. So my aunt called my other uncle to ask if we could use his car, cause the car was bigger my aunty told us to go and get our tog’s and get changed.When we were getting ready she went to go get the car.

When she came back she took us to the beach. When we got there I asked her if I could go and swim.
I couldn’t see Josaia because he was taken by a vampire. The vampire took and bit Josaia. When we found Josaia  he said that the sun was burning him so we took him home. When we got home it started to rain so I had to have a shower. When I came out Josaia bit his mum. Then he bit all of us. When he bit us we all turned into vampires. Instead of  blood we drink and eat only red food and drinks.

                                        The End

We are learning to write a narrative story using a picture as a prompt.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Today I got 34/60 but I just need to learn my Groupings within 100.

On Monday I got 37/60 but during the holiday I will need to learn my groupings within 100 to go to the next stage.