Friday, 18 May 2018

Holy sprirt

Retreat reflection

If I get to go to retreat again I would participate more and I would want to listen more so I could learn new things.I thought that retreat was really fun because I learnt new things but I learnt a little more about some people.

At the end of the day we did a clay work and mine was a smiley face because I felt happy about what I learnt and what we did as group.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

My cross

Dear God you died on the cross for us please help me with school.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Infographic | Vocabulary

Learn - Use google draw to create an infographic to show all the new learning this morning with your partner.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Maths for this week

I need to learn my grouping with 100 and I getting  better at them.

God's Creation

Learn -  To recognise that creation show God's glory and goodness to the world.

Friday, 2 March 2018

The Process of a Lockdown in my School

Friday 02nd March 2018 - 02/03/18
Learn: I understand the process when there is
a lockdown in school.
Task: Paragraph explaining the process of a
Lock Down in our School:

The first step to a lock down is when you hear the bell go off and on for one  minute. When the bell is ringing you have to lock  your doors in your classroom and lock the windows. After that  you need to get on the ground and lay on your stomach. When you do that you can lay under a table or just on the ground.After that your principal will come to your classroom and tell it is safe to come out.

Key Words

God calls people to grow in virtue.A virtue is a quality or way of
doing things that leads to good.The English  word virtue comes
from the latin word meaning strength or courage, so virtue is
being strong in goodness and mana, and  strong for God.
A virtuous person is one  who always tries to choose what is
good,and to persevere in doing good and what is tika even it is
difficult. When they make a habit of choosing good,they make

virtue a way of life.

Key Words / What are Key Words?
Task: Use the Religious Education text and highlight all the words

Response: Below I have identified all the keywords in the text

Understanding of Virtue

Learn: To understand the meaning of the word virtue.God desires humanity to grow in virtue.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Statistics and Language Enquiry

What is something we have noticed in my class/school/community that we think could be improved?
Why do we think that it could be improved?

Why would others care?What is something we have noticed in our class/school/community that we think could be improved?

The school uniforms costs too much money.

Why do we think that it could be improved?

Hardly any kids are buying the uniforms but are going to other shops that have cheaper prices for similar uniforms.

Why would others care?

They would care because if the uniforms were cheaper than children would buy more uniforms.
What information do we need?
Who do we collect this information from?
How do we collect this information?
When do we collect this information?

What information do we need?

  • The price of the uniforms.
  • Students thoughts of our problem/question.`

Who do we collect this information from?

We collect the information from Spx Nu’u class.

How do we collect this information from?

Helena will go around the class and collect students response to our problem/question

When do we collect this information?

During maths.

Figure me out

My age - 21-10  22/ 2  11 x 1 10 + 1
My birth month 3 x 1 9/3 10 - 7 2 + 1
My birthdate 22 + 1  1 x 23 30 - 7 23 / 1
My shoe size  5 + 1  60/10 10 - 4 6 x 1
The number of movies I watched this  year 1+ 1 4/2  3-1 1 x 2
How many  friends I have 3 + 2 5 x 1 6 - 1 20 / 4
How many  Siblings I  have 2 + 1  1 x 3 4 -  1  9 / 3
How many letters in my name 2 + 1 1 x 3 4 -  1 9/3

Bio Poem

Quiet, Shy, Mathematical
I am the daughter of Rachel
I love my mum and my sister
Highest,Spiders,Losing my mum
Attending school
I wanted to experience going on a boat.
I was born in New Zealand and I live in  Auckland.

I am learning to describe myself using
the structure of a bio poem.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Kiwi kids news

Royal Family get tough on plastic

I like how they want to help the environment. I think that since they want to help the environment that everyone in the world should help the environment. By using  china plates and glasses or recyclable paper cups.

Gospel reading

The gospel  was about  people giving things up and saying that they will and give to the poor. They lie and don’t do so what  they say they are doing.They are just doing it to get the attention.

The Visit from the Statue of Mary at Fatima

I thought that  it was inspiring because sister Clare said a lot  of things about how God works and how he help her.When they brought up Mary I thought it beautiful. When they were bring her up and put the things on her they were singing that what made it so  beautiful. When the nun was talking everyone was be respectful and listened to what she was saying.

Hip Hop Lesson

Hip Hop dancing it a fun way to get fit.

Today we had a hip hop class. The person who was teaching explained  somethings about herself and her name was Jess.

We warmed up first and she  taught us some moves. When we were doing it some of the boys were  laughing so she stopped us and  said that one rule is to not laugh at other people or laugh at yourself. The first move we did was moving our neck forwards and backwards we also moved our shoulders up and down.

After we warmed up we played a game. The name of the game was freeze how we played the game was she would play music and we would dance when she stopped the music she would call out a shape and if you move you would be out. The last three people who were playing was Opi, Kiko and Lini.  Opi got out and the winners were Kiko and Lini.

The next game we played Jess would call something out like skipping and we would do it. We were going to do around the hall but the people were too loud so we did it in a circle. When we were playing the game the circle got smaller and smaller but no one was out.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Ash Wednesday

Create an infographic using words and images to tell someone about Ash Wednesday