Friday, 30 October 2015

My Best Day in the Holidays

My Best Day in the Holidays

In the holiday my two brothers, sister and my mum went to the park. So we took our bikes and rode them to the park. My brother had to take my sisters bike because his bike was broken. When we got to the park my brothers both went to ask my mum if we could go on our bikes to the other side of the

When we were going home my mum said that we can get something to drink. We all wanted a milkshake, my sister and brothers had chocolate and I had banana.

When we got home my mum told us to have a bath when my brother had his he was singing in the shower. When he was in the shower we started watching a movie, my other brother fell asleep and my sister went outside to play. When my brother came out of the shower he changed the channel and started watching a different movie.

When my aunty came home from work she asked about my day.

I learned how to write a recount and retell the story.


My WPM score has gone up since Monday. My typing speed is improving and I’m quicker which means I can get my work done quicker and more accurately.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

typing test

I am getting slower at typing because fun to type is not helping me at my typing.


On Friday I got 22/60 and today I got 49/60.