Saturday, 17 December 2016

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Now that you have chosen your country, it is time to decide where, within your country, you would like to visit. Many tourists will choose to visit the capital city of a country. It is often quite large and full of interesting things to see and do.
Activity 1
Before you go overseas it will be important that you learn a bit about the capital city of your country. Hop online and find out about the capital city of your country. Use this information to complete the five sentences below.

  1. The name of the capital city is Ottawa.
  2. The population of the capital city is 36,286,378.
  3. In January, the weather in the capital city is usually humid.
  4. The capital city is located in the northern (northern, southern, middle) part of the country.
  5. The languages most commonly spoken in the capital city are French and English.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mei!

    I hope you have been enjoying your holidays so far. Are you looking forward to going back to school? Yup, the capital of Canada is a place called Ottawa. I always thought that was a funny name for a city, so I looked it up and it comes from a Native American word meaning 'trade'.

    Although Ottawa is a big city, it doesn't quite have 36 million people living there. It has roughly 900,000 people living there - so it's a little bit smaller than Auckland. I'd be quite surprised if they got humid weather in Ottawa in January, usually they get between -5 and -15 degrees which is very cold! Ottawa is actually quite close to the USA border compared to some of their other major cities, putting it in the South Eastern part of the country. But that doesn't save them from cold weather unfortunately!

    It would be interesting living in a country that speaks both English and French fluently. Can you speak any other languages Mei? I wish I could! I think if I could learn any language I would want to learn to speak Maori fluently.

    If you have a spare moment, you could go back through your facts and tweak one or two of them and that way we can give you full points for the activity today!

    Cheers :-)