Wednesday, 24 June 2015


 During term 2 Room 5 went swimming three times a week and learned how to be safe in the water as well as swimming skills. When Room 5 got into the pool there were two instructors in the pool. Their names were Emma and Joseph. They put us into 2 groups. I was in group 1 with Joseph who taught us how to float on our backs, kick while holding onto a kick board and how to dolphin dive. I really liked learning how to dolphin dive because I love swimming underwater. Joseph was a good instructor because he didn’t tell us what to do, he showed us. The best part of swimming was the last day with Joseph and Emma because we played games like bull rush in the water and then we took a photo with them in the water.


  1. Hi Mei,
    You wrote a lovely story and I can see that you really did enjoy your swimming classes. Its good to hear that you have learnt new skills in the water. We look forward to you showing us your new skills in the water soon.

    Love you,
    Mum xoxoxx

  2. Good work Mei. Your writing has improved. keep it up. Also sounds like you are enjoying swimming. Keep up all the good work.


  3. Hi Lewa,
    I am very happy to hear you learned so much and had a good time. This was well written and easy to follow.

  4. Good job Mei glad to hear you're making progress in the water.

  5. well done Mei
    Im very pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourself. Your story was just as good , hearing that you learned new skills was especially enjoyable, keep it up mei

  6. I am so happy for you and I wont be worrying about you when you are near water. I hope you utilise these skills and teach what you have learned to your younger cousins.